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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 6, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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the future of people, nations and business" on our blog good monday morning, everyone. right now on "first look", after two major airstrikes, israel is rushing to put its iron dome antimissile shields in place to protect from retaliation from syria. >> the israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. >> we are working towards arming the pro-western rebels. this is something that should have been done many months ago. next into the investigation into the horrific limo fire that killed five passengers, including the bride in the bachelorette party nightmare. plus, the fight to stop three-d printers from making
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handguns virtually undetectable. and "saturday night live" has its way with martha stewart's desires to date. good morning, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. a major movement over the weekend could prompt a decisive shift in u.s. foreign policy. israel launched at least two airstrikes against syria in just the past three days. it is an effort to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of his bow la. this morning israel is readying its iron dome missile defense shield after promises of retaliation by syrian forces. meanwhile, a new u.s. report says antigovernment activists may have been behind the recent reported use of chemical weapons and not the regime. president obama said the use of weapons would prompt a red line for weapons. now senator john mccain used those words to undercut him on sunday. >> as the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line
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that the president of the united states wrote was apparently written in disappearing ink. >> those comments come days after defense secretary chuck hagel refused to speculate on any intervention plans. and secretary of state john kerry heads to moscow today for a talk with russian leaders. jim is in london for us this mornings. good morning, jim. what's the latest for all of this? >> it's business as usual for israel. benjamin netanyahu is landing in china this morning for an official visit after no signs of retaliation coming from syria or iran, though both countries have responded verbally to sunday's latest attack. the confirmed unofficially by an israeli leak the attacks took out iranian made fattah 110 surface to surface rockets. they're capable of hitting tel aviv with deadly precision. a strike friday targeted the
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very same rockets headed to hezbollah in lebanon. the syrian government called these attacks, quote, an act of war. meanwhile, iran weighed in saying that it would not allow the enemy to harm security in the region and that, quote, the resistance meeting here, hezbollah and hamas, each with thousands of rockets will retaliate against the, i quote, israeli fighting against syria. they said that 30 weapons including these fattah 110s are red lines posing an existential threat that will be dealt with according accordingly. israel thinking so much chaos going on inside syria, neither syria, iran, nor hezbollah will strike back. it moved two of its five iron dome anti missile batteries up to syria just in case. >> jim in london for us, thank you, jim. now to new developments in
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the boston bombings. currently no cemetery in massachusetts will bury the body of accused bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. his uncle arrived yesterday to arrange a funeral, but no one, quote, wants to associate their names with such evil events. tamerlan died after a shootout in april and his younger brothers are in custody. federal investigators are looking for clues inside a cambridge apartment where the tsarnaev brothers lived. they tried to determine yesterday if the brothers made bombs there. officials say they are neutral as to whether tamerlan's widow, kathryn russell, knew about the attacks. agents say they found an al qaeda magazine downloaded on her computer but don't know if she was aware of it. her lawyer denies any involvement. a night out in san francisco for nine women celebrating their friend's wedding takes a devastating turn. a fire engulfed their limousine killing five women trapped inside.
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the driver wasn't hurt. he pulled over after one of the women complained of smoke. the driver said it all happened so fast. firefighters found the five women badly burned. the bride was among the dead, 31-year-old marissa fohas. the cause of the fire is under investigation you in utah now a 46-year-old soccer referee has died one week after being punched in the head by a 17-year-old player. ri car doe faccio spent the past week in a coma after suffering trauma to his brain. he call a foul and used a yellow card against the teen o so he punched him in the head. the 17-year-old could now face more serious charges. another divorce from rush limbaugh. politico reports the radio host is considering ending his
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agreement with the group at the end of the year. sources say it comes after executives openly blamed advertising losses against his comments against sandra fluke. the former governor has a 1 point edge hoefr democrat elizabeth colbert busch. an itsy bitsy spider picked the wrong desk to make a web. a group of school children visiting new jersey governor chris christie, he quickly squashed the problem, however, animal rights called the act thoughtless and said the governor should have taken the spider outside. social media from the obama administration is taking a shift. the atlantic magazine analyzed tweets from the accounts of the white house and the president and it shows a major drop in posts from the president's account since the super pac took control of it in february. meanwhile, the official white house account has seen its
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average number of tweets per day double. texas senator ted cruz continues soaking the presidential flames with reports he's seriously considering a run in 2016. some say his potential candidacy is serious and others think it's laughable. >> >> i'm not a fan. i know he's sort of the republican latest flavor. he's articulate. he seems to be charismatic, but i don't like his politics. >> i think he is the most talented and fearless republican politician i've seen in the last 30 years. i further think he is going to run for president and he is going to create something. all right. so most address her as justice or your honor, but supreme court justice sonya sotomayor says she wantsds to be called sonia from the bronx. she said you can't come from
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where i came from without feeling the frenzy of exile. and her colleague ruth bader ginsburg was on "saturday night live." the host was playing a very eager contestant on a game show and all he had to do was name the justice. >> name this person. >> i don't know. some old pilgrim? >> that is so wrong. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. all right, well, southeast floods after days of heavy rainfall. this weekend four inches of rainfall fell on the already saturated grounds of chattanooga as creeks and streams filled their banks. bill, more heavy rain? central flooding. all of that can be coming their way? >> nothing will be causing too many problems. minor. minor issues.
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i say it will be a rather quiet weather week because may is typically anything but. right now we still have some rain left over from yesterday. that continues to plague us in tennessee. minor flash flooding especially if you get into some rain bands. it's raining in the northeast corner of alabama. a little further to the north the rain has moved into indianapolis. a little bit of a rainy ride. the rain bands will begin to intensify over the areas of eastern carolina. virginia beach, rich month, norfolk. bring your umbrella as you go throughout the day. the storm system will linger much of this week. this is the same storm that brought us the snow last week. we're in a very slow weather pattern across the country. pretty much what you see today is a good chance of what you'll get tomorrow. two, maybe three rainy days. >> what you see is what you get. president obama had a special message for the students at ohio state university. plus, a dramatic scene from an
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here are some stories making news this morning. former congresswoman gabby giffords is the 2013 recipient of the 2013 profile in courage award. overseas, stun grenades and gunfire in the capitol of bangladesh. they set fire to the state run news agency office. they want the government to enact blasphemy laws. a grim milestone as the death toll in the country surpasses 600 in that clothing factory complex collapse. an initial government investigation says vibrations from four generators triggered the collapse. there's no word on what caused a vintage plane to crash at an air
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show near madrid. officials say the pilot died after being rushed to the hospital with severe burns. the impact was seen by some 3,000 spectators. president obama kicks off commencement season sunday at ohio state university. he told graduates there to ignore anti-government arguments and dared them to make america better. new york senator charles schumer is reaiming his gun focus to weapons made from new 3-d printers. he wants them outlawed pointing out that the guns are made almost entirely of plastic and will not trip metal detectors. >> we're facing an era where any terrorists can open a gun tact try and they will be undetected. now to today's business headlines and cnbc's sema mody
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is here. >> hi, stocks are higher after they surged on the back of the better than expected jobs report. the dow is over 15,000 mark. a speech by fed chairman ben bernanke on friday. the senate will vote on the internet sales tax bill that allows states to force them to collect sales taxes. the measure is expected to pass. google is going to have a subscription service to youtube. you can access it for as little as $1.99. >> charging for youtube. thank you, sema. in other business news, more than 30,000 people travel to hear warren buffet. the 82-year-old billionaire says the key to investment success is to avoid getting excited when others are, too. as for politicians, buffet says
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what happens in washington is, quote, tough to watch. >> nothing is perfect but we had some huge problems in 2008 and oun country is doing reasonably welcoming out of that. it was a lot bigger problem than any of us have ever seen. speaking of the economy, the president announced a number of trips addressing the nation's bottom line. his first trip is to a high school in austin, texas, where he will discuss raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour. gas prices are up a penny. the average price is $3.54. highest in the lower 48, that is chicago at a whopping 4 poi$4.2. gun ownership for women is up 77%. one of the most famous female lovers spoke about her love of
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guns. sarah palin said the nickname for her son trig is trigger. her nephew is recommending ton, that's his middle name. snl is all over martha stewart's desire to date. l ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪
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bureau chief for the chicago sun times, lynn. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> let's start with the red line the president refers to when talking about using chemical weapons, is this going to be the focus of this week? >> reporter: it is. the issue is not just chemical weapons, frankly, it's is obama going to intervene one way or another in a regime or not? that is really the main question. the red line itself, well, i think now it's a matter of time that obama has to do something. >> let's see if he'll back up those words. on the domestic front president obama will be traveling around the country reminding people that he's focusing on the economy and raising minimum wage to $9. seems like good timing and while the stock market is hitting all-time highs. >> reporter: it is, but it still is unclear how these trips will convince republicans to go along
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with the obama agenda. he's tried this particular method before trying to go over the heads of congress. hasn't always worked sk. >> all right. is the president's agenda right for the people? >> reporter: his jobs report is good. the numbers are good. a lot of people are out of work, under employed or out of the job market. >> lynn, we appreciate your insight today. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: thank you. let's get you some sports action, shall we? in game one of the western conference semis. kevin durant pulled up and connected with a jumper with just 11 seconds left. that lifted the thunder to a 93-91 win over the grizzlies. game one in the west, david west scored and the pacers beat the knicks. lebron james, he won his
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fourth mvp award. at 28 lebron is the youngest player in history to win four mvps. he was one vote shy of a unanimous vote. he is the first play injury to take home four mvp awards. they open up their series against the chicago bulls. in golf phil mickelson was tied for the lead but he did launch a bad drive and it actually hit a spectator in the head. ow. she received seven staples in her nothingle and along with a bad headache, she got this, a nice consolation prize with an autograph, i'm sorry. many may remember mike piazza, but he made his acting debut over the weekend. "slaughter on 10th avenue." he played the role of a gangster
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joompt well, the toledo mud hands celebrated may the force be with you. owe by juan kenobi threw out the first pitch and chewbacca ran. no yoda? this is what the iconic island green at 17 looked like over the weekend after six inches of rain. paddle boat, anyone? just ahead, rock legends aerosmith cancel a throw after authorities foil a bomb plot. plus, the piano flies as a crazed fan rushes justin bieber on the stage. we'll have those details next. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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all right. so martha stewart made headlines last week when she revealed to matt lauer on the "today" show that she would be willing to give online dating a try. of course this weekend the good folks at snh had some fun with that. take a listen. >> i joined because i wanted a successful man for intercourse. i've had it before and i'd like it again. >> helps me find someone who shares my interests. >> like dancing. >> karaoke. >> sushi. >> macarane, macaroons, and of course the simple elegance of a good bang. >> a website who knows what it's for. >> i want a guy who's kind. >> rough like a rustic burlap invitation. >> someone with calloused hands and no debt. >> someone who's silly.
2:28 am
>> someone who can work my body. >> that is so wrong. all right. well, "ironman" wins it all. the third pick in the super hero franchise earned $175 million. aerosmith canceled an up copping show in indonesia due to bomb threats at the myanmar. it was nearly sold out to a crowd of 16,000. the 14th annual golden trailer awards honor the best in motion picture previews. best blockbuster trailer for "ironman." best comedy trailer to "the hangover iii." the office celebrated with a parade in scranton, pennsylvania. and finally, an over zealous fan rushed the stage at a justin
2:29 am
bieber concert in dubai. you can see the fan hug bieber in this video seconds before security guards tackled him into the piano there causing it to topple over. bieber did finish the set after that little interruption. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. this happens to me once a week, usually twice a week, but once a week this happens. last week i'm in a gift card shop buying a card and this woman comes up to me and she says, has anyone ever told you that you look like the guy from "the hangover"? no offense. >> good one. zach gala if a knack cass brings star power to "saturday night
2:30 am
live." thanks for being up with us this monday, may 6th. we have a lot to cover this morning, including the nra's massive annual meeting. 70,000 were there. headliners including wayne lapierre, sarah palin and an intro video from rick perry. so far no cemetery in boston wants anything to do with the dead suspect in the marathon bombing. the debate over where to send his body. plus an update on the case in the three other men swept up in the investigation. let's get to the news live here in new york city. tensions are mounting in syria and across the wider region where a new front has opened in that country's brutal civil war. israel launched attacks twice in the last several days. in an apparent attempt to keep sophisticated weapons made in iran from getting to hezbollah. they're targeting long r
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